Creativersal International has advised different governments on sustainable industrial development. An example of this work is the Wuhan International Ecologistics Park (WIEP). Under the request of the Government of Wuhan, Creativersal International has worked with IDI Gazeley, a leading international logistics developer based in the UK and US, to master-plan 17 square kilometer of land surrounding the Wuhan’s prospective second airport as the site of one of the largest logistics hubs in Asia. Guided by a vision for an ecologically responsible logistics infrastructure, Gazeley and Creativersal have come up with a master plan that distribute the functionality and services of a huge logistics facility in seven zones, laid out with minimal interference to the extant land form and small farming interests and linked with a “Linear Park” that zigzags to embrace the “harsh” and “spartan” industrial warehouses. Power generation using wind, waste, and solar sources can yield a net energy surplus of 20%; use of electric vehicles throughout the park and biodegradable materials are some of the other eco-features. Deservedly WIEP is considered by many as the high watermark of modern large-scale industrial planning and design.

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