Phoenix Towers is a project conceived by Creativersal International under a contract from theHua Yan Group. The architectural design and master plan of the towers and surrounding community was performed by Chetwoods Architects, London. The project has been proposed to the government of Wuhan as a signature landmark of this fast developing super city.

Object of wide international attention in June 2014, the “Feng” of the Phoenix Towers, at 1000 m, would be the world’s tallest building. The Towers draw inspiration from the phoenix, a mythic symbol of the Chinese culture. A union of male and female, the phoenix symbolizes harmony, creation, grace and birth of greatness. The asymmetric twin tower form gives the above ideals an anthropomorphic liveliness which may well mark a turning point in modern architecture.

The Phoenix Towers were designed to be the world’s largest and most advanced sustainable buildings, with solar, wind, and photovoltaic generated power sources to meet all their energy needs. Use of clever design and new technologies allows the buildings to clean the air and lakes nearby, while using the resulting circulation for internal air conditioning and irrigation of internal plants.

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