About Creativersal

Creativersal International was founded in 2010. We are a specialist in the concept, development, and management of modern cultural projects. We are based in Hong Kong, with branch offices in Beijing and London.

Our creative approach starts with blending, blending of the philosophical and practical, of the East and West, of the past and present… From these blends, we broaden our perspectives and horizons. In this expanded universe (which we call the creativerse), we find the solution to the problem at hand through systematic research, imaginative scenario setting, dynamic discussion, rigorous cost-benefit analysis and a determination to let creativity shine through. Our goal is to move people to think, to act, to aspire for the impossible. 

Creativersal International is managed by a team of professionals with broad experiences in government, corporate, research and policy fields. We are partnered with a large spectrum of leading artists, architects, scientists and other experts from all over the world. Together we work to give our clients ideas, plans and products aligned with their requirements and often exceeding their expectations.

Recent projects include Phoenix Towers, Flower Ocean, MOLEWA International Architectural Competition, Wuhan International Ecologistics Park, and Hubei Provincial Planetarium, projects which have received broad media attention, government support and interest from the investment community.

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