2018 Chelsea Flower Show Wuhan Water Garden

Designed to be walked around and viewed from all sides, the Wuhan Water Garden conveys a journey through the contrasting natural landscape of Hubei Province, including the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Hubei’s Shennongjia Forestry District, and the hi-tech, urban environment of the city. The garden is inspired by the historic ability of Wuhan – China’s ‘City of 100 Lakes’ – to manage and control the flood waters of the Yangtze River.

The garden arouses all the senses, from the feeling of ‘floating’ on the walkway and the smell of the forest, to the sounds of birdsong and trickling water. The stylized ‘forest’ landscape surrounding the central lake represents the forests that once covered much of Hubei province. 

The delicate design of Wuhan Water Garden is aim to present its natural landscape to the viewers from all aspects. It pictures an image of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Hubei’s Shennongjia Forestry District merging with the urbanization of the city. This idea is inspired by Wuhan’s historic background. Whereby supervising the flooding water of the Yangzi River, Wuhan is also praised as “City of Lakes” in China. 

The sounds of birdsong, trickling water, fleeting moment on the walkway and flower fragrances, Wuhan Water Garden is nowadays the most stylish forest landscape that surrounded by the central lake. It traces people memories back to the days that most of the Hubei province was covered by forest. 

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