MOLEWA International Architecture Competition is officially launched

Beijing Hua Yan Cultural Investment Group, Ltd. (Hua Yan) and the International Union of Architects (UIA) proudly announce that the MOLEWA International Architecture Competition is officially launched on 5 January 2015. Abbreviation for Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture, MOLEWA is situated in Ruichang, Jiangxi Province, China, on the foothills of the celebrated Mount Lu. The 20-hectare site of competition is divided into 16 plots on which 16 different buildings will be erected, forming the core of the “Hua Yan Township”. The “Hua Yan Township” project consists of two parts: 1) the “Flower Ocean” garden over 80-hectare of land is the world’s largest flower-themed park and lauded as the “Disney of Flower Lovers” by many industry insiders. Designed by the renowned landscape architect CBA Associates in London, Flower Ocean is currently under construction. 2) MOLEWA competition, conducted under the UNESCO/UIA guidelines for International Competitions for Architecture and Town Planning, will solicit innovative and culturally expressive designs for professional architects from all over the world. In a break from China’s traditional approach to urban development, MOLEWA aims to create a cluster of modern architecture combining high cultural and practical values to add to the heritage and charm of Mount Lu.  “Hua Yan Township” is an integration of culture, tourism, and sustainable development and exemplar of China’s “New Urbanization” strategy. Hua Yan is one of China’s leading developers of cultural projects and has created the world’s largest Buddhist retreat China Thindu Court in Hunlun Buir, the Magical Musical “Monkey King” at Cotai Central, Macau, and much praised large-scale live show “Jingganshan”. UIA is the world’s largest professional organizations, with more than 120 member countries/regions and 1.3 million practicing architects as individual members. The International Competitions for Architecture and Town Planning under the auspice of UIA is the most prestigious architectural competition in the world and the source of modern architectural classics such as the Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Center in Paris. The MOLEWA competition jury is composed of 12 distinguished architects and business leaders from around the world approved by UIA. The jury will select 16 outstanding designs as the competition winners, according to the 16 plots dedicated to the competition. The MOLEWA competition has one of the highest prize money in architectural competitions of recent years, with the first prize valued at US$160,000. For further details, please visit

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