CBA and Chetwoods deliver final reports on the conceptual design of MOLEWA

On August 17, 2013, two powerhouses of architectural design, CBA Landscape Architects and Chetwoods Architects, joined forces to unveil their ambitious plan for Flower Ocean and MOLEWA. Mr. Mike Wood, Principal, CBA, presented to an audience of 50 local government and business leaders the conceptual design of Flower Ocean. Mr. Simon Baker, Director, Chetwoods Architects, presented the master plan of the MOLEWA township bordering Flower Ocean, which is conceived as the site of an International Architectural Competition under the auspice of Union of International Architects (UIA). Present in the audience were Mr. Gu Xiaoping, CCP Secretary, Ruichang, Mr. Luo Wenjiang, Mayor, Government of Ruichang, Mr. Laurie Chetwoods, Chairman of Chetwoods Architects, Mr. Chris Blandford, Managing Partner of CBA Landscape Architects, Mr. Xu Feng, Chairman of Hua Yan Group, Mr. Zou Wei, CEO of Hua Yan Group, Ms. Hanna Han, Executive Vice President of Hua Yan Group, and Dr. William Liu, Chairman and CEO of Creativersal International. On behalf of the Ruichang Government, Mr. Gu congratulated CBA and Chetwoods for their masterful work. “This is truly a mind-blowing plan. The only thing I want to say is, let us roll up our sleeves and make it a reality as soon as possible,” said Mr. Gu.

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